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Posted on: 12/08/17

EA Sports has released the means of all players of the next FIFA 18, which will be released on September 29, in the portal that is usually enabled on its website for users of the "Ultimate Team" mode with FIFA 18 free coins generatorAmong them, and for the second year in a row after his return to the silver category, is the Cádiz.

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Examining the members of the cadista set, the central defender Mikel Villanueva is the most outstanding of the team with a 74 on average. 44 of pace, 46 of dribbling, 38 shooting, 74 defense, 52 passing and 78 physical. The Venezuelan player, on loan from Málaga, is the thirteenth best player in LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3, while Adrián Ramos, from Granada, is the best rated with a 78.

Returning to Cádiz, the second position is for Álex Fernández with a 72, surpassing by very little the midfielder José Mari, who has approximately the same average, hovering around 72. In the next step, with 71, are Javier Carpio, Khalifa Sankaré and Álvaro García. The latter, with a 90 pace, is the fastest in Cádiz, and shares second place in the category with David Gerreiro, Querol and Pol Valentín. Vadillo, from Huesca, is the fastest with a 91 pace.

Álvaro García also wins, whose card is "unique silver", in the template as far as best dribbler is concerned, with a 75 dribble. The former center forward of Sevilla Atlético, Carrillo, is the best shooter, with a shooting 72. In defense, the best is Mikel Villanueva with 74, winning Álex Fernández in a pass with a 74 and Jon Ander Garrido in physical capacity with an 86.

By ordering the ratings from highest to lowest, the ideal Cadiz team according to FIFA 18 would be formed by Cifuentes (70) in goal, defensive line formed by Brian Oliván (69), Villanueva (74), Sankaré (71), Carpio (71) ). Double pivot formed by José Mari (72) and Álex Fernández (72), with Rubén Cruz (69) in the half point. Left wing for Álvaro García (71), right for Salvi (70) and, spearhead, David Barral (70).

In this virtual bench would sit Abdullah (70), Garrido (70), Perea (69), Aitor Garcia (68), Lucas Bijker (68), Servando (68), Rubén Yáñez (67), Róber Correa (67), Dani Romera (67), Carrillo (67), Nico Hidalgo (66), Marcos Mauro (66). All of them are silver cards, while in bronze they would be Kecojevic (64), Moha Traoré (62) and the players of the subsidiary David Gil (60) and Juampe (60).

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